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Polymers in detergents and cleaning products fulfil various important functions and often make the special effect of a product possible.

Good to know

Polymers can be modeled to fulfill various functions in cleaning products. Examples: Dispersing polymers for spotles glasses: These polymers help to suspend the soil particles in solution to avoid redeposion on the dishes. Builder polymers against lime scale: They support the builder system as they act as complexing agents. 

Viscosity controlling agents: Control the viscosity of liquid products. Binders like Polyethylenglycol (PEG): Ensure mechanical stability of the tablets until they are used. Many polymers are well biodegradable, but some unfortunately are not. As our product development is constantly striving to improve our formulas and their environmental footprint, we are working to replace polymers with more biodegradable ones if they can provide similar performance.

How do we use polymers

We use polymers for specific purposes in cleaning products, such as dispersing polymers, builders, viscosity controllers and binders.

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